Decorating Your Kitchen Farmhouse Style

From the 19th century, farmhouses have popped up across the U.S. and been a functional style for American families. Today we welcome the traditional farmhouse look into our modern homes. No farm needed.  Use these five fabulous ways to incorporate the farmhouse style into your current kitchen.  

White Paint is Your Friend 

The modern farmhouse style means all-over neutral hues, and we love it! It is amazing what a layer of white paint can do for your kitchen.  Most importantly, the lighter neutral colors provide a feeling of openness. Kitchens tend to be busy places. Instead of expanding your space, try a coat of simplicity. White walls and cabinets also project a cleaner atmosphere, and who doesn’t want their kitchen to feel cleaner

Bring Out the Vintage Containers 

Vintage containers are a simple addition to a kitchen that is not only farmhouse approved, but also useful. Pull out all your old containers. Mason jars, ceramic mixing bowls, and metal milk pails. Use these to store kitchen utensils, pasta, produce, or even plants! The possibilities are vast, and the best part is that you probably already have these containers hiding at home. If not, check out a local vintage stores for the vessel you need.  If a container does not fit the farmhouse color pallet, give it a layer of neutral or white paint like the Country Chic’s vanilla frosting!   

Bring the Garden Indoors 

Have a beautiful farmhouse container, but nothing to put in it? Think green! Add pop of greenery in your kitchen, by placing a plant on display. Bring the garden indoors and create the feel of freshness through the use of indoor plants. If you have a green thumb, try growing a few herbs to make the décor that much more beneficial to your home. 

Incorporate Old Doors or Windows 

Letting the outdoors meld into the indoors is the essence of a farmhouse kitchen. What better way to welcome the outdoors than through a rustic window or door? Many of these perfect pieces are stumbled upon in garage sales and flea markets, but you can also create your own. Watch the tutorial on how to create a distressed look using Country Chic Paints

Dust off an Antique Sign 

A farmhouse kitchen can always flaunt a country looking sign. The rustic wood look adds texture and a welcoming feel to your cooking space. You can easily find signs with cute farmhouse saying such as “Welcome Ya’ll.” If you find you have an old wood board you would like to repurpose, make your own custom farmhouse style sign. 

Farmhouse Fabrics

There is a peaceful ambiance that a farmhouse kitchens possess. One main reason for this calmness in the farmhouse kitchen is the color pallet.  Neutral colors quiet the mind and bring a coolness into the space. What makes a farmhouse kitchen so welcoming and cozy is the accessories, mainly fabrics. The simple addition of fabrics daunt a useful and farmhouse ready feel. Typical farmhouse fabrics are cotton, burlap, or upholstered fabrics. Use fabrics such as kitchen towels, pillows, upholstered furniture, and curtains, and immediately feel the comfort levels rising. 

What was once simply an ordinary home on a farm, now is a style choice with fun décor and a lot of DIY project potential. Use the style tips and tricks above to transform your kitchen into a country chic paradise. 

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