Spice Up Your Style with a Dash of Red

There is something special about a pop of red in home décor. This timeless accent color beautifully completes homes from modern condos to farmhouses. However, there are a few important style tips to remember in order to keep your home from becoming unbalanced. Use the tips below to complement your home décor and add just the right amount of flare to your style.  

1.Outside Doors 

Red may be bold, but that doesn’t mean that the color is not inviting. Adding a pop of red to an exterior door makes your home stand out from the rest and welcomes visitors in a fun way. Use a red tint to paint the front, garage, or back door. One accent door is enough to highlight your home and give it the boost it needs to look like new.

Figure 1: photo from Click on the photo to see more examples of red doors.

2. Add a Pop to The Photo Wall

Notice the small things in your home that you could use a little jazz of red. A picture frame, the mat inside the frame, or a wall décor item can all be painted to add a pop of color to your walls.

3.Scarlet Storage Containers

Do you have a throw-all container that is tucked under a table, or in the entertainment center? These containers often save the day when we are rushed to clean up, but there is no need to hide them. Instead choose storage boxes in a shade of red or paint your wooden boxes and proudly display those organizational lifesavers.

4.Crimson Chairs

It is amazing how color can change the way we feel. Red has a reputation of being the best color to use around foods. Restaurants often paint their walls in red or use red booths to make their guest feel comfortable while enjoying a meal. You can use the same concept in your home by adding a coat of red paint to your dining room chairs. If you do not want to paint over the set of chairs you have, look around at yard sales for chairs that catch your eye. A set of mismatched chairs all painted the same color red can make a beautiful setting around the dining room table, not to mention how much of a conversation piece your chairs would be! Check out one of our DIY furniture painting classes to repurpose furniture like a pro!

Figure 1: photo from Click on the photo to see more examples of dining rooms with red chairs.

A pop of color can complement any space perfectly and bring balance to your home décor. When thinking of ways to spruce up your home, consider the timeless addition of red. A crimson container, ruby red pillow, or scarlet picture frame will upgrade your home’s color pallet and leave you with a refreshed look. For additional advice or questions, contact us at Louisville Mercantile for all of your decorating needs. Make sure to connect with us on social media for our latest products and sign up to our monthly email list for more info! We would love to help you in the process of adding a spice of red to your home.

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