Bow Making Class – 7/22/21


Jul 22 2021


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Class Cost



Louisville Store
2940 Topside Road

Workshop Details

Join Abby Shedden of Cotton Blossom Décor for a fun evening of Bow Making. You’ll learn how to make 3 different styles of bows: tradition, double, and multi-ribbon. Abby will have a wide selection of ribbons to choose from to make your bows. If you have a preference for colors or season (for example, Fall, Christmas, blue/white) please let us know.


 Due to the nature of this class, class fees are unrefundable.


NOTE: If you prefer to bring your own ribbons, you will receive a $15 credit on the course fee. The adjusted class cost before taxes will be $32 instead of $47. Select this option by entering the number 1 (using the up arrow) in the “Participant Provides Ribbon” section on the Attendee Form.


Below is the quantity of ribbons you’ll need to bring by bow style if you are providing your own ribbon. For example, you’ll need 3 yards of a 2.5″ ribbon for the traditional bow. To make a multi-ribbon bow you need 4 or 5 different ribbons, each 1 to 1.5 yards in length. Two of your ribbons should be 2.5″ wide, with the remaining ribbons being 1.5″ wide. If you have questions about this option, please let us know.



NOTE:  Use ribbon styles, patterns, colors etc. that go well together for each bow style. Wired ribbon is best.

Ribbon A Ribbon B Ribbon C Ribbon D Ribbon E
2.5” wide 2.5” wide 1.5” wide 1.5” wide 1.5” wide
Traditional 3 yards
  Option 1 3-4 yards
(2 different ribbons)
  Option 2 3-4 yards 3-4 yards
Multi-Ribbon 1-1.5 yards 1-1.5 yards 1.5 yards 1.5 yards 1.5 yards (optional)


What's Included

- All ribbons and supplies needed to make bows is provided

- Take home instruction sheet

- Tips for ways to use bows throughout the year

NOTE: If you are providing your own ribbons, we are providing all the other tools you need to make your bows.

What to bring

-We supply everything you need for this project 😊

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