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5 DIY Projects To Spice Up Your Thanksgiving

Halloween is behind us and it’s time to begin planning for Thanksgiving and the rest of fall. Yes, some of y’all are already putting up Christmas trees and planning for Santa’s big day. However, I’m with the group that knows Christmas doesn’t begin until Thanksgiving night. I want to enjoy all the seasons and holidays as they come! So instead of pulling out Christmas décor as you put your jack-o-lanterns and ghoulish decorations, let’s do things different that will amaze your friends and family will be amazed this Thanksgiving season. Here are easy 5 DIY ideas to get you on your to spicing up your Thanksgiving this year.

Spice Tin Arrangements

If you’re like me, you’ve collected old tins but haven’t done anything with them besides put in a box while thinking of something useful to do with them. Now’s the time to pull them out, especially those that have those lovely fall colors. If you don’t have any or want to add to your collection, check out antique stores, estate sales, or even your grandparent’s pantry. Gather an assortment of mums or wildflowers and use the tins as centerpieces on your tables this year.

Vintage Wooden Spools

Another great centerpiece idea is to use antique wooden spools. This is arelatively inexpensive twist to use instead of the usual vases that sit atop most tables. Best of all, these are easily used throughout the year by changing out the added decor, and they aren’t just limited to tables. Think mantles, entry way tables, hearths, and bookshelves. Your guests are sure to take notice of your creativity.

Antique Box Graters

If you run across any antique box graters this year, buy them and turn them into lanterns. You can arrange the vintage graters on a tray and scatter pinecones and leaves around them. Finish off the project with some LED candles inside the graters and you will have a perfect ambience for your guests. Transition them to Christmas by adding a little greenery and maybe a red glittery ornament to two. Store them in plain sight after the holidays by using on top of your kitchen cabinets.

Fall Mason Jars

Southern decor is not complete without a mason jar decoration. Try your hand at painting mason jars this year. You can paint leaves into them, tie yarn around them, or do anything your imagination leads you to do. You could use them to hold candles, to spell out words, to hold flowers, or anything you want. Pinterest has lots of good ideas you might want to explore. 

Wooden Signs

There is nothing better than the rustic look of a handmade wooden sign. It is such an easy DIY project as well. All it takes is some wood, a little paint, and some imagination. We have sign making classes coming to Louisville Mercantile soon, so watch for those. Whatever you decide, your guests are sure to love it. You could hang it on a wall, set it on your front porch, or use it among your table top decorations.We love the standing boards as you can paint messages on both sides. Makes great use of your investment and it helps with storage issues. 

Ask Your Local Mercantile Shop

Still looking for ideas? Louisville Mercantile is always glad to help, and your local mercantile shop will have plenty of ideas for you. Come in and browse, and ask us what we would do in their home. You will be surprised by all the different ideas they will have for you!

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